• Illegal in 5 States

    Illegal in 5 States

    my man, you got a permit for that open carry?

    Date: 01/19/18 Views: 13,199 Category: Big Dicks

  • She deserved it

    She deserved it

    Camgirl Porn: It's become about as exciting as an audio transcript of Oprah Winfrey customizing a Subway sammich. But throw in some credible stranger danger, and that shit instantly becomes buenos fappolis!

    Date: 01/18/18 Views: 38,242 Category: Busted

  • 19 Girls Banned from Snapchat

    19 Girls Banned from Snapchat

    It's all about crossing the line with class. Conquer that skill and nothing shall come between your tits and Internet glory. Save for a restraining order or 4.

    Date: 01/17/18 Views: 52,917 Category: Compilations

  • Russian TV is Fucking Crazy

    Russian TV is Fucking Crazy

    dis is not da whey my bruddahs.

    Date: 01/16/18 Views: 71,419 Category: Assholes

  • The Best 10 Seconds on the Internet

    The Best 10 Seconds on the Internet

    Nothing spells T-R-U-L-U-V like 12 ounces of dollar-store beer missing it's target. Don't know bout you, but my Valentine's day just got booked solid.

    Date: 01/15/18 Views: 103,387 Category: Derp

  • MILF with the Magic Touch

    MILF with the Magic Touch

    Nothing goes viral quite like middle-aged salmon canyons... so here's 2 minutes worth of the best in the biz. Too old for the bullshit, too young for the metamucil. This is something I like to call: middle ground (and pound).

    Date: 01/14/18 Views: 105,399 Category: Hot

  • Hello Stranger

    Hello Stranger

    Sadly this is about as staged as that last YouTube prank video your turd Facebook friend linked you to. She's Teacher of Magic aka the only girl built out of mashed potatoes that I'd let shim my jim. More HERE and HERE.

    Date: 01/13/18 Views: 95,946 Category: Voyeur

  • Anal is NOT an Option

    Anal is NOT an Option

    A hygiene level commonly found in an Arby's handicap toilet has applied itself to this girl's rectal passage. Not shocking... but Clorox may have found it's new spokeswoman. Another desperate cry for anal bleaching HERE

    Date: 01/12/18 Views: 119,438 Category: WAT

  • REAL: I Fucked the Maid at Quality Inn

    REAL: I Fucked the Maid at Quality Inn

    Nice taste in women, unacceptable camera work. I got 2 words for this gentleman: TRIPOD MOTHERFUCKER. Try keeping them at the front of your mind next time you cross borders for the Limp Bizkit reunion concert.

    Date: 01/11/18 Views: 132,690 Category: Amateur

  • White Girl Wednesdays

    White Girl Wednesdays

    Alex Blake. One of them adult actresses that kept her teacup vagina under the radar for too long. Dare I say actually hot enough to be worthy of my Panda Express gift cards. (hint: I share cream cheese rangoon with nobody)

    Date: 01/10/18 Views: 153,014 Category: Teen



    Step 1: Relaunch expertvillage.com
    Step 2: Make this the only video on the site
    Step 3: Profit

    Date: 01/09/18 Views: 136,874 Category: LMAO

  • Can't Even Handle 2 Inches

    Can't Even Handle 2 Inches

    I like this girl. She's soft spoken and emotionally reserved. To win her over I'd really have to pull out all the stops - Netflix Desperado, bathe in Suavitel fabric softner, and come to terms with being called silly shit like "papi".

    Date: 01/08/18 Views: 105,315 Category: Ouch

  • How many students did she fuck?

    How many students did she fuck?

    Take notes ladies. If your class isn't flocking to extra credit assignments like political correctness to H&M, then you're doing it wrong. Honor rollers, detention scholars - nobody is safe from the charm of this dump truck.

    Date: 01/07/18 Views: 140,206 Category: Teachers

  • Socially Awkward Nymphomaniac

    Socially Awkward Nymphomaniac

    Avoiding all things Comic Con related? Big mistake, Chad. Disregard the 'i lost my virginity to a life-sized cardboard cutoff of David Hasselhoff' look. This chick is DTF, TMI and AIDS all wrapped into one neat little package.

    Date: 01/06/18 Views: 149,837 Category: Compilations

  • "i'm an elementary school teacher"

    "i'm an elementary school teacher"


    Date: 01/05/18 Views: 161,447 Category: Busted

  • "lol did that go in your ass?"

    "lol did that go in your ass?"

    Door Knocking, Imprinting the Walnut, The Seattle Chimney Sweep, -- Call it what you want, the Spinchter Cowboy has run outta fucks to give. HAHA

    Date: 01/04/18 Views: 131,647 Category: Anal

  • Art of Not Giving a Fuck

    Art of Not Giving a Fuck

    Coors Light connoisseur zones out her surroundings long enough to focus on better things. I.E. getting a faceful of Kentucky's finest into her minge. I'm waiting for the sequel. Where Lester makes a b-line for that b-hole.

    Date: 01/03/18 Views: 148,487 Category: Drunk

  • Snapchat Royalty

    Snapchat Royalty


    Date: 01/02/18 Views: 163,240 Category: Hot

  • Perfect 100

    Perfect 100

    To my ever growing .08% female viewership: put on your monocle and break out notepad.exe. This right here is what a REAL woman looks like. Ultra-stacked, sub-120 lbs and master of the lazy handy. #marrymetoday

    Date: 01/01/18 Views: 136,590 Category: Amateur

  • "please dont kill me"

    "please dont kill me"

    After bulldozing 50% of Detroit's prostis, our man finally broke unfamiliar ground: A woman in it for the BBC, not crackrock... and a dedicated one at that. That butthole took more abuse than a fully charged EBT card at KFC.

    Date: 12/31/17 Views: 209,896 Category: Cuck

  • She Went Catatonic

    She Went Catatonic

    Brain damage @ 8:14
    Mega Mix HERE
    Profile HERE

    Date: 12/30/17 Views: 173,131 Category: Big Dicks

  • Best $15.00 I Ever Spent

    Best $15.00 I Ever Spent

    I dunno man... access to Budapest's upper echelon poon without needing a plane ticket, or to vaccinate yourself for scabies pre-departure? Sounds like the deal of a lifetime to me when priced less than a Starbucks fuckaccino.

    Date: 12/29/17 Views: 134,973 Category: Hot



    Margery & her genetics have some fucking explaining to do. Personally, I think she should find a way to increase size by at least 30%. Right around Triple-K cups is when those disability benefits should start kicking in. #$$$

    Date: 12/28/17 Views: 166,487 Category: Impressive

  • OFFICIAL: Mayor of the Year

    OFFICIAL: Mayor of the Year

    Sociopaths are called psychopaths but there are differences. Psychopathy can be thought of as a more severe form of sociopathy w/ more symptoms. All psychopaths are sociopaths but sociopaths are not always psychopaths.

    Date: 12/27/17 Views: 180,452 Category: Busted

  • The Result of 1,328 Anal Partners

    The Result of 1,328 Anal Partners

    Be in awe of blowholes that have more gape in them than the San Andreas Fault. Will these knuckle ovens make it to age 30 without diapers? Depends.

    Date: 12/26/17 Views: 204,881 Category: Fisting

  • "i lost my virginity in a ganbang"

    "i lost my virginity in a ganbang"

    Skeptics are gonna have a field day with this one but try to be optimistic. It makes it much, much easier to manhandle the ham candle. Trust me, brah.

    Date: 12/25/17 Views: 144,758 Category: Virgins

  • 5 Acts of Public Indecency

    5 Acts of Public Indecency

    girl #4 tho

    Date: 12/24/17 Views: 225,466 Category: Voyeur

  • "Okay... THAT'S ENOUGH!"

    "Okay... THAT'S ENOUGH!"

    See that look on her face at the 0:43 mark? That's the aw shit, i shouldn't be sucking off guys without keeping some Flex Tape nearby" look. HAHA

    Date: 12/23/17 Views: 153,785 Category: Impressive

  • Delivery Boy Grabs Her by the Pussy

    Delivery Boy Grabs Her by the Pussy

    At first I was like "damn, this guy is fucking alpha for hauling pepperoni all day". But open deeper reflection, I realized Steve's talents are completely wasted as he reaches into the black Friday sale of middle-aged vagina.

    Date: 12/22/17 Views: 178,627 Category: Pizza

  • "Extended Family"

    "Extended Family"

    Say hello to implied incest videos. Against all better judgement, it's managed to take the Internet's #1 spot as go-to spank material. HINT: They're all faker than Sylvester Stallone's piss test. But this one...

    Date: 12/21/17 Views: 255,814 Category: Incest

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